Preeya Disyanan
Preeya Disyanan - President

Preeya Disyanan,
Business Owner


Established in 1999.

The business started from the passion in art and decoration of the owner, Preeya.  She’s from Thailand, with the finance and banking background but discovered hidden talent in sourcing eclectic pieces from all over Asia.
Firstly, the store started with Asian furniture back in 1999.  Now with less furniture, but more on home accessories, fashion and spiritual products, the store will surprise everyone in its calm and peaceful ambience, and at the same time, exciting with hidden treasures at every corner of the store.


The Golden Triangle is an Asian boutique store with spectacular treasures waiting to be discovered including gifts from all over asia. Fashion jewelry, women’s clothing, hamsa bracelets, silk scarves and clothing. Semi precious stones and jade jewelry. Healing stones, lucky cat, lucky coins, elephants, dragon and owl. Belly dance outfits, Indian Saris, Bindis, Bangols, tunic, sundresses, legging, wrap skirts. Handmade jewelry from Thailand, India, Tibet, etc. Spiritual items for peace, love, health and prosperity. Buddha, Ganesh, Tara, Kwan Yin, Lakshmi and Shiva statues. Wide variety of incense (moodstar, india temple, nag champa, hem, darshan, divine flora, prasad), essential oil, massage oils, oil burner, charcoal, sage for smudging, incense holders, tapestries, bamboo lamps, small fountains, bells, wind chimes, singing bowls, spiritual jewelry like mala bracelets, prayer beads, om items, tarot cards, wooden boxes, fengshui items and Putumayo CDs.